Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recognizing What Really Matters

This week has been real eye-opener. Not because of Kevin's business trip to Philadelphia. Not because of autism. Not because of the normal insanity that has become my life. Not because of anything happening directly in front of me.

It's about a small baby girl born on Tuesday afternoon in Connecticut. Her family learned several months ago that she had Trisomy-13. As a member of that family, I shared in the jubilation when the announcement came that she was breathing!!!! And I also felt the crushing blow when I got the phone call from my husband informing me that his niece wouldn't be breathing for long without a miracle.

Health is everything. Without it, we cease to be. No matter what happens, that is always at the core of anything. As difficult as the last year has been for me, I have the comfort in not having to fear for the health of my children. We may worry about the twins' well being or their ability to succeed in school and otherwise, but in the end, we know they are strong and healthy. And, given the improvements we've seen over the last year, we also believe that they will succeed in life.

So, now I've been given this reminder, in a very harsh way. I hope I can always cherish the moments I have with my children while they're still young enough to allow me those moments, and always to embrace the gift that is their good health. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who cannot say the same.

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