Friday, June 26, 2009

Everything gets better.... general, I've been having a low-key autism week, which is a nice change of pace. The weather has been better, allowing me to spend some time outside with the kids. We even went to a playground on Wednesday (without Kevin) and I was able to let the kids play without either of them running off (although we got close once or twice). Daniel's been at camp and having a great time, which is nice to see -- he's been trapped in the house with me and his brother and sister for too long. The twins had their gym class without much incident....overall, it's been a really good week.

The only other true "autism" activity for the week was the start of the Hanen course "More Than Words" ( Technically, taking this course is a requirement for me in order for Simon (specifically) to be enrolled in his school, but I think I would take advantage of it even if I wasn't obligated. The orientation meeting last night was interesting with an added benefit of forcing me to leave the house for a few hours, without the kids, and just take a kind of break with others who are in a similar position (I wouldn't call this a true "break" since this class is specifically to teach techniques in helping kids on the autism spectrum). And I confirmed with the "facilitator" that, even though Rachel is not exactly in the same program any more (but not really sure where she is on that front), she will still be a focus for the in-home session portion of the class. After all, she is also on the spectrum, she is also my child, and she should be able to benefit from what the class has to offer.

CSAAC is still weighing on my mind. I think that now I've taken some time to digest not only what they've told me (in terms of what they'd be doing with the in-home ABA), but trying to envision how it's actually going to work when it comes to the scheduling. It's going to be nuts -- don't get me wrong -- but now I'm coming to terms with the knowledge that, at least for the next 6 months or so, sanity is a luxury and when it's there I need to embrace it because who knows how long it will last. I also need to learn how to control my stress level, because lately it's been controlling me (to the point where it is literally making me sick). So, I've been finding myself taking a bit more of a low-key-matter-of-fact attitude over the last couple of days. I don't know if I can make this last, but I will do my best.

So, next week things will continue on. Daniel will continue at his current camp for another week (well, 4 days). Rachel and Simon have another field trip scheduled to a local playground, and hopefully this time the weather will cooperate. Also, I hope I'll also get a little better feeling as to where Rachel stands with the 2 programs we are currently enrolled (CSAAC and the MCITP preschool). And it's a short work week, so Kevin will be home (for sure) on Friday, and likely Thursday as well (for my benefit) to allow me a bit more of a break. We never know for sure how things will go, but things are definitely looking up.

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  1. go read my blog right this minute! ok, maybe not right this minute...and maybe i should say please? i posted an essay that i think really really helps you get through the dark parts...i had to go digging for it (i had read it before) but it's worth it...