Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who reads my blog?

Like many people, I feel I have a story to tell. That's one of the reasons I "blog". is looking for the Top 25 Autism Blogs. My blog was nominated and is (thus far) placing quite well, but dropping. Actually, it's been nominated twice. If you read this blog and enjoy what you see, please click the link and vote for "My Family's Experience With Autism" as well as your other favorite blogs listed. Also, feel free to nominate others. New ones are being started all the time, and all the stories deserve to be recognized.

But my story here is constantly changing. First I wanted to educate. Then I needed a place to cry and get all of my frustrations out. Then I went back to trying to educate, but in a different way. I explain what we see. I still tell specific stories of our lives. But I also try to get others to see what living with a child learning through autism is like. The phrase I use is that I try to press others to "get it". How we have to plan out every detail. How we can't take anything for granted. And how every day is another story. And the direction of this blog will probably change again. And again. And again. In other words, this blog is whatever I need it to be at the time I sit down to write.

So, I hope you enjoy reading it. I hope you have been inspired to vote (and vote often) for this blog at the link above (you can vote daily). And I hope you will vote for other blogs that have inspired you or that you are writing yourself. Because we ALL have a story to tell!!!!!

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  1. I voted for you :) every story you tell is such an inspiration! Thank you for blogging about you and your families experiences it really helps others and I think you know that ;)