Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Visit to Simon's School

On Monday, I went to visit Simon at school for an hour or so. It was a really nice visit. I was able to get there early enough that I was able to see a lot of what they do during the day. And now that he's fully acclimated to the program, I really got to see what he's up to on most days. Most importantly, I got to see how he gets along with his new teacher who started a couple of weeks ago.

Monday is a half-day at MPAC -- school is in session from 9-12 (as opposed to 9-2 for Tues-Fri). They spend some time playing in the gym, they have a circle time, and they have an early lunch. By the time that's all done, there's just a little bit of time for free play and then it's time for the kids to go home. I got to watch the gym time and the circle time. Since I didn't pack a lunch for Simon that day (I was planning on taking him out to lunch at the mall so we can get his hair cut [ended up skipping the haircut, but we did eat lunch at the mall]), he washed his hands with the class and then it was time for me to take him "home".

The most amazing thing happened though, during circle time. At the beginning of the circle, his teacher asked the kids (I don't think the question was directly specifically at Simon, but I may be mistaken on that one) what day of the week it was. She had already pulled down the sign reading "Monday". Simon immediately announced "MONDAY"!!!! I heard him do this. I was floored. I didn't think I had heard correctly. I think his teacher felt the same way. She had him repeat it a couple of times. When she and I were talking before Simon and I left, she asked me if I thought he had actually READ the sign. I don't think so, but he does recognize his letters and he does know the days of the week, even though I've never heard him recite them.

There are some days that I really wish I could just crawl around in that brain of his and figure out exactly what he knows and what he doesn't. What else is trapped up there waiting to come out when it's least expected?

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