Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adjusting to a new life...

....well, the twins have been in their new programs for a week. One week of putting them on their respective buses. One week of having them working on getting them to say "Bye Bye" as they're leaving. One week of sending and/or receiving daily notes to teachers. One week without naps. And, overall, I've got to say, it's been a good week.

Rachel and Simon both seemed to have made this adjustment quite well. By the 3rd day, they were both excited when they saw the bus. Simon and I tend to walk out the door as the bus is coming down the street, and he has to stand on the stoop and watch it pull up in front of the house and he does his "happy dance" from the moment we see it until it stops to pick him up. And they come home happy. That, more than anything else, tells me that they are enjoying themselves. Rachel has taken naps on her LONG ride home from school most days. Simon has now completely dropped the nap. And they are both actually SLEEPING at night -- they're falling asleep within 20 minutes and (seemingly) sleeping through the night. And I'm enjoying a little bit more freedom -- and for the little things; taking a morning shower after dropping Daniel off at nursery school; going to the grocery store without worrying about little hands pulling everything off the shelves; and just having a chance to breathe for a little while.

There is one crimp in this whole arrangement; Rachel's bus ride. She is enjoying it, so I have to be careful how I handle it. But the county's policy is that the children are allowed to be on the bus for up to one hour (yes, 60 minutes) each direction to and from school. Without informing me, they changed her pick-up time in the morning from 7:57 to 7:40 and she is consistently not getting to school until 8:45 (with a couple of minutes either side), per reports by her teacher (we've been tracking it since the first day since I thought her commute was too long). It only takes 20 minutes to drive from here to her school. I've now contacted the school's autism office to ask how I should best handle this before going off the handle with the transportation office. The problem is, since all 3 of my kids go to different schools, I need the bus to take her and Simon to school so I can drive Daniel (since I don't have a bus option for him). I can't even follow the bus because I have the 2 boys at home (waiting for their transportation to school). But I'm certain that this too shall work out.

So, it's been a really good week!

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